The Last Battle

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The Last Battle

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    The Last Battle
    Bằng Phong Đặng Văn Âu _ 19.07.2020
    Translated by Khổng thị Thanh-Hương _ 21.07.2020

    Want to know when the final battle will take place?
    It will take place on November 3, 2020. This battle is the battle
    • between Morality and Falsehood,
      between Light and Darkness,
      and between Truth and Deception.
    If the Conscience side, the Light side, the Truth side win, then the civilized world exists. Otherwise, this civilized world would turn into the Animal Farm. The Socialist Paradise is a propaganda way to paint this grim future.

    No one can deny the apparent manifestation that communism is the devil religion. It relentlessly destroys all religions. The reason religions exist today because the United States still prevails. I will prove this assertion.

    Religion is human conscience. When religion disappears, conscience dies. When conscience dies, Humans become Animals. The devious Communist is the king of disguise. It could act as a Pope, a President. But when the curtain falls, the makeup is removed, the devil avatar appears. When we can see his true form, it is too late. Remember Ho Chi Minh’s deception when he pleaded with Bishop Le Huu Tu to be baptized into Catholicism. This insight might prevent us to fall into Red hell, the devil’s ploy!

    Compared to many countries in the world, the United States is a young nation. Why has a less than 200 years old nation become the most powerful country in the world and liberate dictatorships with its military and economic power? Because the United States of America has great people and the Americans have strong faith in God.

    After defeating the British colonialists and gaining independence, George Washington was offered the crown by a group of military officers, but he turned down. He wanted to establish the American Republic. As his second terms approached to the end, in June 1799, Jonathan Trumbull Jr., Washington’s military secretary during the Revolution, urged him to run for a third term as President. He refused, for fearing that it would establish a precedent that presidency was a lifetime appointment. He stepped aside to make way for a successor. The U.S. Constitution does not limit the term of the President. But since President Washington has set a precedent, successive presidents all followed that tradition. Not a power-hungry person and knew the limits of his abilities, Washington was such an unusual and honorable person.

    Thinking there was a great possibility that World War II would continue, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made "sacrifices" and ran for President for two more terms. But he died during fourth term and Vice President Harry Truman succeeded. Two years after FDR’s death, Congress passed the 22nd Amendment, limiting presidents to two terms. Then amendment was then ratified in 1951. Without this Amendment, President Barack Hussein Obama would find ludicrous tricks to make himself president for life as Vladimir Putin.

    Eight years in office, Obama did not have enough time to turn the United States into a socialist country. So, Obama has been preparing for Hillary Clinton to be President, but just a figurehead, while he would be actual power. He has set Hillary as his hostage, because she had committed illegal acts such as selling uranium to Russia, using her own server as Secretary of State, leaving Ambassador Christopher Stevens to die in Benghazi, buying fake files from British spy Christopher Steele ... and many more mysteries. Knowing Hillary's illegal businesses, Obama left her alone. It was his plan to "blackmail" her to follow his orders, a communist way to use people.

    In early age, Barack Obama was educated in Islamic schools, and was trained by a communist leader, Frank Marshall Davis, through his adolescence. When converted into Christianity, he was baptized by Jeremiah Wright,a pastor emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago who always screamed “God Damns America”. With such a "background", he would never be hired for a position, due to "security clearance”. But it was acceptable because the media did not dig into these facts when he was running for US Senate and President.

    Barack Obama has just been elected to the Senate for two years, with not much notoriety, but he won the presidency by leftist media support (a communist-like propaganda machine) and abundant two-billion dollar funding, an unprecedent amount obtained by any President candidate. With people using method like the communists, Obama has made Security (FBI), Intelligence (CIA), Counterintelligence (DNI) instruments for himself. At his service were the left-wing media corporations, Obama used them as a sophisticated and false propaganda agency to enthrone Hillary. The Democrats were 100% confident that Hillary Clinton would win, so Newsweek, on its November 8, 2016 issue had a caption on the cover, “Hillary Clinton’s Historic Journey to the White House”, ready to be sold on news stands.

    Donna Brazile had confessed leaking CNN's debate questions to Hillary Clinton's campaign in the 2016 United States presidential election in a debate with Donald Trump. Hillary lost the election, still. Yet some Vietnamese refugee had criticized Trump for being illiterate, not even passed Fourth grade. How fearless this man was!

    No one would expect the billionaire businessman Donald Trump who had never run for any political office, would win 16 opponents in the Republican Party, even Hillary Clinton. Many thought Mr. Trump's victory was from the mysterious hand of God. I think so too, because who could explain such a strange phenomenon?

    Donald Trump’s victory fueled the Democratic Party. The campaign goal was to subtly bring a figurehead to the throne had completely failed. The Democrats were no longer a traditional opposition party with the motto “If you can’t beat them, join them”, but had become a noxious Party. Since the beginning of 2017, the nation has not seen the Party had any plans to revitalize the decrepit economy, but only using all means to topple President Donald Trump. America's turmoil today is just like the struggle for "Dharma" in the South of Viet Nam in 1963. Despite completely killing President Ngo Dinh Diem's ​​family, the struggle continued. Those who had lost the country had witness the “for the Dharma” struggle, surprisingly are supporting the Democratic Party. Perhaps they must have suffered “dementia”. Einstein’s’ quote “The only source of knowledge is experience” does not apply here!

    Colonel (Dr.) Hoang Co Lan called the “Jerk” Donald Trump’s supporters a bunch of scumbags, and named those who will elect the “Jerk” Viet Cong. This colonel doctor concerned about the United States and the Vietnamese refugees’ future in the U.S. Growing up in a family with subversive tradition, he was very arrogant about his “real” Colonel rank, which, naturally, made him an “inhumane dowager with a political tendency to side with the Democrats. Not to be groundless, I observed the Vietnamese refugees who belonged to the faction “fighting for Dharma” had been supported the Democratic Party. Or those who were sent to study abroad by the Government of the Republic of Vietnam, never returned, also supported the Democratic Party. The Vietnamese refugees who have genuine national spirits and worried that the world would be controlled by China, support the patriot Donald Trump.

    I support President Donald Trump because he really values the United States.

    • - Patriots want a leader who puts his country's interests first. Mr. Trump admitted that he is the United States President, not the President of the world. He openly declared at the United Nations Forum that he wanted other nations' leaders to put their national interests first. This proves that he wants every nation in the international playground to fight fairly and not taking advantage of one another, not stealing intellectual products.

      - I want a wise leader, not allowing other nations to “suck the blood” out with cunning and scoundrel maneuvers. Trump’s predecessors tax policy has cost the United States $500 billion to China alone and $500 billion to Japan, Korea, and Europe. Soon the United States will bankrupt. It is only fair that he demanded a fair international taxation between countries.

      - I support lowering the tax rate to bring corporations from around the world back to the United States. It is reasonable when Trump advocates “Buy American, Hire American”. As a result, people have jobs; unemployment and social programs will be decreased while national budget increases to modernize the US military. Also, infrastructure is optimized, and standard of living improves.

      - I support wall border construction to prevent the influx of illegal immigrants promoted by the American enemy conspiracy. A new ‘Migrant Caravan’ of 100,000 illegal immigrants entering from the southern border into the United States in 2017 funded by the communist sympathizer billionaire George Soros. Although America is well off, it is impossible to feed millions of illegal people, besides providing them with social, medical, and housing programs. And especially if those illegal immigrants have the right to vote, then the bipartisan regime in American democracy will cease to exist. Notice Democratic party has been in the majority of the House of Representatives since 2018. How detrimental for the country when dishonest legislators writing and passing laws.

      - President Trump could see the "Wuhan Virus" as a China conspiracy to damage the world. It was perfect when he ordered banning Chinese to enter the United States to prevent the spread of the virus, rather than racial discrimination as the Democrats accused. The evidence is that Hong Kong microbiologist Li-Men Yang recently revealed to the FBI that the “Wuhan Virus” was due to the Chinese plan to spread it into the world. The FBI is seriously safeguarding her life.

      Because of the Wuhan Virus, not only the United States but the whole world is in a state of economic and social crisis. The Democratic Party should have joined hands with President Trump to oppose the CCP's plot. On the contrary, they unjustly accuse Mr. Trump with absurd crimes, worsening the crisis. Clearly, the Democrats are on the side of China, humanity enemy.

    George Floyd's death was caused by a police officer. Everyone saw that. But the so-called “Deep States” has launched riots, looting, and destruction of commercial establishments, historical and religious sites, which are unacceptable in a democratic country. The hypocritical Democratic Party pretends to be merciful to the Black. It supports the slogan “Black Lives Matter” just like the monks who instigated Hue compatriots to bring the altar to the streets in support of the “Struggle for Dharma”. In fact, Democrats do not love black people. They knelt before George Floyd to get votes, because they do not care about the death of a St. Louis retired police captain David Dorn, 77, killed by looters in front of the pawn store he had been providing security for.That is so “uncouth” for the Democratic Party. Antifa instigated the rioters to destroy heroes’ statues who had found this country; to destroy God’s statues. The Democrats believed it is a Revolution to seek justice for the Negroes. This contention was as “absurd” as Viet Cong’s argument. For me, it is an anti-cultural Revolution to erase a civilization history.

    It does not make any sense when Democratic supporters condoning the destruction of George Washington memorials, the Founding Father and also encouraging putting up Floyd’s statue.

    Living in Democracy is every person's dream, if it is led by honest, farsighted patriots who do not take advantage of the literate mass. For the public to be knowledgeable, the intellectuals must take the responsibilities to educate the multitude. When the most ten prestigious universities in the United States supported Hillary; when the Speaker of the House of Representatives gritted her teeth while tearing up her copy of President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech in half with a contemptuous expression, in front of millions of viewers around the world, it was obvious that American intellectuals and the Democratic Party moral had declined. We can evaluate the Democratic Party supporters and President Trump opponents’ intelligence are incredibly low.

    We can conclude that Democratic Party is immoral andrude when no one spoke up against Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s crudeness when she uttered “Mother f****r" at the President. A Party that pretended to kneel for a criminal is a boorish party. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are Catholics but promote abortions. They blaspheme against God. Joining forces with rioters who destroyed the historic sites is committing treason. To use an excuse that Wuhan Virus was spreading the virus, the Democratic Party disapproved of church gatherings, but incited the vandals to protest. They are following the communist treacherous tactics. They request voting by mail to facilitate fraud. This was a malignant attempt. Does anyone want to vote for this Party?

    Of course, in a free and democratic country,the citizens have the right to choose their candidates. But learned people must guide voters to choose candidates who can be their deserving representatives. A communist survivor who goes about calling for people to support the Democratic Party which stands by the Chinese Communist Party is indecorous.

    I am a soldier. Though not a genius, I am proud to be an intellect. Hence, I cannot avoid my responsibilities, especially when I have had horrendous experiences with the communists.

    Communism is mankind doomsday. On September of 2019, the European Parliament had issued a Resolution confirming that communism commits genocide and anti-humanity. So, humanity has tossed communism ideology into yesteryear land field. The U.S Democratic Party is a party that scavenges among the trash to earn a living. Else, why do Democrats promote the democratic socialist idealism for their election agenda? Only ignorant scums and Viet Cong minions do not see this.

    Irresponsible warlords and intellects were afraid of being slandered and terrorized by Hoang Co Minh Resistance Front’s brothers while they furiously steered the Swindled Resistance. Only after a long while, Professor Vu Quy Ky, an intellect, spoke up when he lectured Hoang Co Dinh’s son - Hoang Tu Duy, the Viet Tan gang’s spokesman, when he voiced his opposed opinion against Trump!

    I have recently read Mr. Dang Vu Chan’s article defending the Viet Tan Front with a very pathetic argument, although I have told everyone that the Hoang Co Minh Resistance War Front was “setup” by the Viet Cong; naive Vietnamese settled in Japan coming to Thailand refugees camps to help the boat people.
    The Republic of Vietnam dignitaries who had seen Hoang Co Minh dressing up like Ho Chi Minh but still followed Viet Tan are uncouth and insane. I am against Communism. I am against deceptions and lies, too. I write the truth to wake up people! What kind of National Liberation is it when the nation is expected to “idolize” day after day its foremost criminal,while the whole nation actually curses him?

    On an online forum someone commented: “It is foolish for supporting either Donald Trump or Joe Biden, because they both are tycoons’ cronies.” Those who agree with this allegation are not thinking right! Why bother to have two major national political parties. It is simpler to have just one party, like the communists. This is the Viet Cong propaganda scam! Although tycoons are no angels, but at least they build wealth so that the citizens can have a full life, rather than let the idiots in the Politburo exploit them to the max! That argument is now outdated, Internet polemicists!

    The communists use violence to turn people into animals. They do not allow anyone the right to a dignified life. I immigrated to this free country as a refugee.I am happy to be able to live a dignified life. I am no longer afraid of starvation, imprisonment, beatings or being forced to tell lies. I live a moral life and my conscience is clear. The beast who says, “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom” but reduced people to animals, is an imbecile.

    After people around the world have kneel in a show of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Mr. Trump said "We only kneel to almighty God". I support President Donald Trump more for this God-fearing statement! Some people kneel before their Monarch, not before some one who had a violent criminal history!

    I despise the despicable Democrat lawmakers took a knee in honor of a criminal and despise those who support them.

    If Sleepy Joe Biden wins the November 3, 2020 election, then the United States will be the youngest country under China’s dominance, due to her clueless experience on socialism.

    I dare Colonel (Dr.) Hoang Co Lan and the Viet Tan party to have open and cultured debates with me. Utilizing vulgarism and filthy online commentators that mar our 4000-year civilization are not permitted.
    President Donald Trump had seen China’s wicked intentions. Therefore, he is determined to break it into pieces. I believe President Trump will be victorious because God is righteous. He will punish the band of demons, so this planet would not be transformed into hell. ... g-thi.html

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