Vietnamese-Americans for Donald Trump movement - Declaration of purpose

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Vietnamese-Americans for Donald Trump movement - Declaration of purpose

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    Vietnamese-Americans for Donald Trump movement

    Declaration of purpose


    Mankind has advanced from barbarism to civilization. By forcing humanity to go against the progress of history, Communism destroys basic human rights. For this reason, members of the European Union have issued a resolution strongly condemning genocidal Communist regimes.

    • Whereas the Democratic Party maintains its policy to open wide the Border to allow illegal immigrants to pour in the US, thus endangering our national security;

      Whereas the Democratic Party’s demand to allow illegal immigrants the right to vote is clearly an attempt to abolish the US Constitution;

      Whereas the Democratic Party’s policy to grant free of charge to illegal immigrants the same healthcare, food, and housing services that legal US residents are entitled to will eventually deplete US national financial resources;

      Whereas the Democratic Party’s adoption of an ambiguous stance toward recent riots that demolished historical, cultural, and religious monuments and statues is a tacit agreement to ANTIFA terrorism aimed at abolishing US history;

      Whereas the Democratic Party’s refusal to criticize the mob’s demand to dismantle police services is an acceptance of anarchy and an inclination to socialism, preparing for the creation of a Communist-led state and for the advent of dictatorship, corruption, barbarity, and poverty;

      Whereas the Democratic Party’s refusal to play its role as the Opposition Party in a democratic system and its incessant attempts to impede and undermines all of President Donald Trump’s programs of economic recovery, national defense, foreign affairs reveal this Party’s desire to take away from President Trump and the Republican Party the Executive, Administrative, and Legislative Power;

      Whereas the democratic Party conspires with the Communist China-inspired mainstream media in its propagation of fake news and false lies;

    We, Vietnamese-American citizens, formerly victims of the Vietnamese Communist regime, concur with President Donald Trump’s policies in most areas -- homeland security, the economy, foreign affairs. What is most striking is, billionaire Trump had perceived from the beginning that Communist China would become a great disaster for the US and the world. For this reason, he chose to run for President of the US with the motto “Make America Great Again”, hoping that America’s renewed strength will stop Communist China’s ambitious desire to control the entire world.

    Armed with a great sense of civic responsibility, we are united in our decision to found a grassroots movement in support of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. We appeal to all Americans of Vietnamese heritage to cast their vote for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the upcoming General Election to be held on November 3, 2020. Your vote will demonstrate your steadfast determination to reject Communism.

    We also call upon our fellow Vietnamese who fled the Communist regime in Vietnam and who are residing all over the free world to make their voice heard by making a contribution to support the Republican Party’s campaign for the election and re-election of its candidates. This will reaffirm our conviction that we FREE VIETNAMESE will never accept Communism, the greatest curse that has ever befallen humanity. We will never accept communism, a doctrine that views mankind as nothing more than a subhuman species.

    We are strongly convinced that only America’s military might can deter Communist China’s expansionism. Should power fall into the hands of the Democratic Party not only we Americans will suffer the same fate as the Tibetans and the Uyghurs but also all the entire world will become enslaved by the Chinese Communists.

    For lack of necessary precaution and foresight our Republic of Vietnam fell to the North Vietnamese Communists, bringing with its demise the loss of an important democratic system and civilization. We want therefore the American people to heed our very painful lesson by not letting themselves be duped by the mainstream media’s misleading propaganda for Communist China. By doing so, together we can avoid for mankind a possible total annihilation of human civilization in the hands of Chinese Communists.

    Made in California, United States of America
    On this 30th of June, 2020.




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